Friday, March 21, 2008

Nothing in particular

AS's visit came and went quickly, as did our spring break. It's already Friday, school starts Monday--where did the time go?

I have been very productive this week, though not with school-related things. This week has been devoted to house things, which has desperately needed a face-lift. I have been having serious motivation issues this semester, but don't feel like I can get my outside life in order without having my home fixed up first.

A few random things:

1. I can't wait to have a home of my own.

2. However, home ownership is still a little daunting to me.

3. I never thought having just one bathroom would be a dilemma, but it certainly can be.

4. I wish Red Lobster would quit having their lobster fest commercials; it's not like we have one nearby!

5. There's no cookin' like mom's cookin'.

John and I are trying to take advantage of the springtime weather Baton Rouge is throwing at us, before we get to 5000% humidity levels again in early May. We've been walking quite a bit and discovered that a nearby neighborhood has sidewalks, so we decided to explore it. It was surreal, walking in a real neighborhood again--people mowing their grass, children in backyards, and friendly couples waving at us from their cars and front doors. Baton Rouge isn't an unfriendly place, but it never had that suburban feel to it either. It was a nice change of pace.

In food news, I haven't done anything too new and exciting lately. When AS was here, I made a pasta salad one night as a side dish to a salmon fillet that I had topped with pesto and crushed crouton breadcrumbs (a trick I had learned from Giada on Food Network--pour a bag of good quality croutons into your food processor and ta-da--you have a flavorful batch of bread crumbs). I had a good volume of bread crumbs left over, so I poured it into my pasta salad (another trick I learned from Giada). I was afraid the breadcrumb theme would be too redundant, but it turned out really well! The flavor from the crumbs really complemented the pasta salad, and added an interesting crunch as well.

Anyway, speaking of food and sunshine, I'd better get some lunch ready and perhaps go out for another walk....or maybe I'll make a picnic out of it? Hmmm....

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a sunlit dreaming tree said...

I know what you mean about getting your home in order before getting other things in order! I've been doing some spring cleaning in my room recently, too...time to clear out and just start fresh! :) I feel I can work better in my room when it's clean and uncluttered.

ALSO...I LOVE THE FOOD NETWORK!!! :) The breadcrumbs idea sounds great! I love you so much! Enjoy the great weather while it lasts!!!