Saturday, June 28, 2008


Just wanted everyone reading to know that I've been a horrible e-mail pen pal lately. For some reason, my brain turns to peas when I come home and I get out of touch with the electronic world. I'm starting to get the ball rolling on everything again and am not so much in "vacation mode" anymore. So, if you've e-mailed me in the past month and haven't heard from me, you will soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mamma mia!

Anyone have any tips on getting songs out of your head? I have ABBA's "Mamma Mia" stuck in my head because of all the movie trailers going on right now. Plus, it doesn't help that the musical is coming to DC soon, so we have all the commercials for that too. What's even worse is I don't really know the song well, so I only have a few lines (the ones you hear on the commercials) stuck in my head..."Mamma mia/here I go again/my, my/how can I resist you?"


Help me!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Adventures in the public library

When one (attempts) to work on one's thesis away from school, one must utilize the public library. Today, I decided to go check out the resources of the larger public library in my immediate area, and was pleasantly surprised. Most noticeable was the improvement in lighting--I always hated how dark the library was, and it seems like other people did too! I had to make a new library card since I lost my old one. After re-registering, I found out how much stuff I could do online. It's so similar to the university library systems with renewals and such, I love it!

It's been eight years since I've stepped foot in there, which is bad, I know. I've just relied on my university libraries and have been buying my novels used or at bargain places, as I usually turn them in so late I've almost bought the book anyhow. I broke my record today though, and got one novel (thought I'd try and see if I'm any better at returning things) an four dvds. Yay public library! I'm actually looking forward to doing work there now.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy birthday, John!

Yesterday was John's 25th birthday. We didn't get together with his family until today, so we celebrated at home with my family first in the way my family knows best--with food, and lots of it!

For lunch, John I made him a strange conglomeration of leftover linguine and meat sauce, fresh sweet peppers, and a modified version of egg-in-the-hole. A weird mix of things, but he still probably ate better than his buddies at work:

Mom made an amazing meal full of John's favorite Asian goodies. Appetizers included:

Cucumber Salad

Shrimp Toast

The main course consisted of John's ultimate favorite dish, mom's secret recipe chicken masaman curry:

(the Ginormous Pot was full at one point, this was taken after everyone had gotten a large helping)

I was in charge of dessert, and whipped up a coconut cream pie, per our new tradition (est. last year):

I had to include this picture, for none of us have ever cut a less sloppy piece of cream pie.

Today, festivities continued with John's side of the family. John's parents took all of us out to a fabulous brunch at Brio, where they have the most fantastic lasagna bolognese. We feasted on flavorful bruschetta, beef tenderloin, crab crepes, and eggs benedict. Dessert was a real treat--Brio serves sample sized desserts (at sample sized prices, thank goodness) and they really were a perfect portion after such a decadent meal. I had the chocolate hazelnut brulée and it was AMAZING. Usually when you get chocolate hazelnut anything, it just tastes like pimped up chocolate but you don't really get a feel for the nutty flavor. It was unmistakable in my brulée though--bravo, Brio!

Afterward, we all went to see Get Smart, which was absolutely adorable. I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the series as a youngster, or anyone who enjoys comedies in general. 99 was a bit sassier in this version, and Maxwell Smart was actually more competent than in the series, but I thought that made it all the better.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heh heh heh...

(click for full size)

Monday, June 16, 2008

It takes one bad apple...

There seems to be a pattern emerging in my life. It's not enough that I'm a big dork; I feel the urge to pull others into the depths of dorkdom along with myself. What can I say? It's lonely down here. ;)

Exhibit A (lemon-lime sisters):

Exhibit B (Mr. and Mrs. How-Did-You-Know-We-Were-Tourists?):

I'd also like to add that these two photos were taken within a week of each other. Think of the atrocities I will be able to commit by the end of the summer...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Thanks to CBH, I am now addicted to GoodReads. Check it out! Add me as a

Monday, June 9, 2008

America the beautiful

We just got back from the beach Sunday evening, and all of us had a blast!

Of course, family vacation wouldn't be family vacation without a little drama. My sister's Ford Explorer had transmission trouble and was having trouble starting and going. Her husband ended up loading up all of the luggage Saturday night and left at 5:30 am to avoid traffic and try to get the truck back home in one piece. My sister and her two boys hitched a ride along with grandma and grandpa later in the morning, all of us worried about whether or not my brother-in-law would be able to make the whole trip himself. Thankfully, he called at around 10:30 am and confirmed that he had arrived.

John and I brought up the rear end of our two-car caravan (the two friends that had come along this week went ahead in another car), and as our worry over the truck drama subsided, car conversation turned to dreamier musings about life, happiness, and the future. We have been driving around so much of the US these past few weeks and have seen so many things--scenery, botany, animal, funny misprinted sign. It's amazing what an expansive country we live in! We have mountains, deserts, rain forests, ocean life, not to mention the vast array of climate you can experience in any given day in any given state. Having finally started to realize this, John and I fully intend on taking one of those two-week cross country RV vacations as soon as we get the chance. We spend so much time dreaming about traveling to Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, but I am starting to think we're missing what's right under our own noses.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

On the road again

Today, two weeks after our big trek home, John, a bunch of family, family friends, and I packed up and headed on over to the Outer Banks, NC for a little vacation. Thankfully, this trip was only 5 hours instead of 18! We didn't even listen to our iPod on the way down, but had fun talking, laughing, eating, and caravaning. We thought we had it good, filling up our tanks with $3.94/gallon gas, until we went a few more miles down the road and saw some for $3.83/gallon. D'oh! Better luck next time, I guess.

I've had bronchitis all week, so I'm not expecting to do much during the next couple days but relax and sleep--if the coughing will ever let me. Thankfully, it's been getting better day by day and I'll be up to horsing around on the beach soon. Poor John is looking forward to sleeping in since I've been keeping him up at nights with my cough and he's been going to work regularly during the week.

This week should be great fun though--vacationing in a large group is always pretty exciting. We're all taking turns cooking dinner for each other (there are 15 of us total, we split up in to groups) and I'm really interested in trying everyone's food! My group is making spaghetti and meatballs, a salad, and cheesy garlic bread--I figure you can't really mess any of those things up. For dessert, we're having the banana cream pie I promised I'd make my sister after she gave birth and got rid of her gestational diabetes, and my good friend is making crepes with a yummy mixed berry sauce.

You know how some people keep a Bible in their nightstand? I have apparently gone off the deep end. My beach nightstand is currently holding Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. Why do I even have it on vacation with me? I'm not quite sure.

Oh, and can you believe it's June already?