Sunday, June 22, 2008

Adventures in the public library

When one (attempts) to work on one's thesis away from school, one must utilize the public library. Today, I decided to go check out the resources of the larger public library in my immediate area, and was pleasantly surprised. Most noticeable was the improvement in lighting--I always hated how dark the library was, and it seems like other people did too! I had to make a new library card since I lost my old one. After re-registering, I found out how much stuff I could do online. It's so similar to the university library systems with renewals and such, I love it!

It's been eight years since I've stepped foot in there, which is bad, I know. I've just relied on my university libraries and have been buying my novels used or at bargain places, as I usually turn them in so late I've almost bought the book anyhow. I broke my record today though, and got one novel (thought I'd try and see if I'm any better at returning things) an four dvds. Yay public library! I'm actually looking forward to doing work there now.

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