Monday, June 9, 2008

America the beautiful

We just got back from the beach Sunday evening, and all of us had a blast!

Of course, family vacation wouldn't be family vacation without a little drama. My sister's Ford Explorer had transmission trouble and was having trouble starting and going. Her husband ended up loading up all of the luggage Saturday night and left at 5:30 am to avoid traffic and try to get the truck back home in one piece. My sister and her two boys hitched a ride along with grandma and grandpa later in the morning, all of us worried about whether or not my brother-in-law would be able to make the whole trip himself. Thankfully, he called at around 10:30 am and confirmed that he had arrived.

John and I brought up the rear end of our two-car caravan (the two friends that had come along this week went ahead in another car), and as our worry over the truck drama subsided, car conversation turned to dreamier musings about life, happiness, and the future. We have been driving around so much of the US these past few weeks and have seen so many things--scenery, botany, animal, funny misprinted sign. It's amazing what an expansive country we live in! We have mountains, deserts, rain forests, ocean life, not to mention the vast array of climate you can experience in any given day in any given state. Having finally started to realize this, John and I fully intend on taking one of those two-week cross country RV vacations as soon as we get the chance. We spend so much time dreaming about traveling to Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, but I am starting to think we're missing what's right under our own noses.

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a sunlit dreaming tree said...

wow! what an awesome idea! i went with my family on a two week trip across the country when i was like 12 and hated it because i wanted to be with my friends...but i still got to see the grand canyon and the west and everything in between. we drove all the way out to CA and then back. in the end, i was really happy i went...but i plan on doing it again sometime.

we DO have a lot of beautiful scenery here--and i'd say especially in VA because i'm biased. :)