Sunday, June 1, 2008

On the road again

Today, two weeks after our big trek home, John, a bunch of family, family friends, and I packed up and headed on over to the Outer Banks, NC for a little vacation. Thankfully, this trip was only 5 hours instead of 18! We didn't even listen to our iPod on the way down, but had fun talking, laughing, eating, and caravaning. We thought we had it good, filling up our tanks with $3.94/gallon gas, until we went a few more miles down the road and saw some for $3.83/gallon. D'oh! Better luck next time, I guess.

I've had bronchitis all week, so I'm not expecting to do much during the next couple days but relax and sleep--if the coughing will ever let me. Thankfully, it's been getting better day by day and I'll be up to horsing around on the beach soon. Poor John is looking forward to sleeping in since I've been keeping him up at nights with my cough and he's been going to work regularly during the week.

This week should be great fun though--vacationing in a large group is always pretty exciting. We're all taking turns cooking dinner for each other (there are 15 of us total, we split up in to groups) and I'm really interested in trying everyone's food! My group is making spaghetti and meatballs, a salad, and cheesy garlic bread--I figure you can't really mess any of those things up. For dessert, we're having the banana cream pie I promised I'd make my sister after she gave birth and got rid of her gestational diabetes, and my good friend is making crepes with a yummy mixed berry sauce.

You know how some people keep a Bible in their nightstand? I have apparently gone off the deep end. My beach nightstand is currently holding Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. Why do I even have it on vacation with me? I'm not quite sure.

Oh, and can you believe it's June already?

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