Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is John and my second wedding anniversary. So far, the most extraordinary thing that's happened is that I'm sick with a lower respiratory infection AGAIN, for the second year in a row! I never thought I'd be so sick on our anniversary twice in a row. Maybe this is payback for getting away with beautiful weather, superb health, and very little stress on our actual wedding day?

That aside, it's been a fairly pleasant day (aside from the incessant coughing). Hubby left me a card and a Snickers bar on my computer this morning before he left for work, and came home to enjoy some Pad Thai with me for lunch. We had planned on going to Maggiano's for dinner today, both for deliciousness and sentimental reasons. We went there the day after we married, and it was just one of those calm, blissful, perfect dinners that you dream about having as a little girl. Since I'm busy hacking up a lung today though, we've put those plans off until we can fully enjoy the evening, and are going to Panera for some soup and sandwiches instead. Hey, after four months without Panera, I'll take it! If I'm up to it, we'll go to Wegmans after dinner to pick up a baked good. They have the best and most diverse fruit tarts I've ever tasted, and a bakery section larger than most Whole Foods, if you can imagine that!

Happy anniversary, Sweetheart! <3

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki-
I left you this message in the Facebook email system, but maybe it didn't go through, or maybe you're just busy. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!
"Hey Nikki,
Thanks for that very sweet message you left me. I think of you often as well, and am excited to see you're in Herndon--til August, right? I'm coming up for a visit from the 11th to 16th or so of June--my brother's graduating from HHS. I would love it if we could see each other for lunch or something. Congratulations on your anniversary. As for my engagement, well, our five years of dating seemed to go better than our two months of being engaged, but we'll see.
I was reading some of your blog this morning--I have the same problem with people always changing the "m" in my last name to an "n"!
Happy Summer!!