Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two days!!!

In two days, I will be transformed into a 15-year-old fangirl. Why? The X-Files movie is coming out on Friday!!! Now, I'm not going to go so far as to say that I am the ultimate fangirl, but I was pretty pathetic back in The X-Files' heyday. I've seen every episode up until Season 9 at least twice (I was pretty depressed when David Duchovny left, and then Gillian Anderson became sparse as well). A few random things. I:
  • Know almost all of the episode names, and can usually tell you what the name is within 5 minutes of viewing an episode
  • Have a whole manila folder full of X-Files magazine and newspaper clippings that I keep thinking I've thrown away by now, but in fact keeps resurfacing at the most inconvenient and embarrassing moments (like when I'm going through old memorabilia with my then new boyfriend John)
  • Am a little depressed that the first movie came out when I was 15, meaning that most 15-year-olds today were only 5 at the time
  • Can tell what season a given episode is in just by looking at Mulder's hair style
I really wanted to be one of those crazy people who waited in line until midnight to watch the movie, but John has to work. True, I could go by myself, but like I said--I'm not the ultimate fangirl, so I can wait a few extra hours. ;)

Here's the trailer for any of you who might be interested:


Anonymous said...

I thought you were weird then - and you are weird now!! You should burn your folder so I can finally accept you and not be embarrassed by you. I can't believe you blogged about this. How dare like a main stream movie!! Please change!

Danielle said...

It's OK to be a fan girl of Xfiles, because this is far more pitiful: I can't stand scary things, and for years I've been in fear of accidentally running across the Xfiles on TV. My first and last brush with the show happened freshman year of college, when I saw an episode about a fluke-man, or something like that. The visual really bothered me for some reason. (Most likely reason: I'm a giant wimp.) It bothered me for such a long time....*shiver*

Nikki said...

The funny thing is, I actually avoid all other sci-fi (though I will watch Star Trek) and horror shows/movies like the plague. I too am quite the wimp. I have no idea why I love the X-Files so much!